UNLV Running Rebels

 As of today we are 3-1 , after losing to Oregon this past Friday night. We were ranked 18th in the nation, but fell to 24th after the loss. I would rather lose early than later in the year. We have 2 freshman starters on the team, including Anthony Bennett , who was a high school Macdonalds all American , and the 7th ranked high school recruit.

He is arguably the best player on the team, and likely to go pro. In addition there is sophomore Mike Mosher,  who last year led the nation in rebounding through a good part of the season, who will likely go pro after this year. We have some other great recruits , including another Macdonalds all American who will play in the 2013 season. So we are a young team and there will be some growing pains , but have all the talent to win the mountain west conference and make a deep run in the tournament .

This is one of the best recruiting classes we have had ever , and as a UNLV Alum who has been going to the games for over 10 years, it is very exciting. Second year coach , Dave Rice, a former rebel on the 1990 national championship team, and Stacey Augmon , also a former player on the 1990 team, and an NBA all star , along with the other coaches , have done a tremendous job. This is going to be an exciting year for Running Rebels basketball , and hopefully it sets the tone for the future. UNLV basketball is very important in this town and many people want us to return to the glory years. We are headed in the right direction , and if you haven't been to a game, or havent been to one in a while, please go, we need all the fan support we can get.


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