Tony Hsieh of Zappos is Revitalizing Downtown Vegas

You have to love what Tony Hsieh , founder of Zappos is doing with Downtown Las Vegas. First of all he bought the old City Hall buiding and is moving his headquarters there, and rougly 2000 employees, but he is using most of his money to spend $350 milion dollars, on what is called The Downtown Project, which is buying a lot of old dilapidated buildings in downtown Las Vegas and revitalizing them, funding start up businesses in the downtown area, bringing arts, entertainment with First Friday, which Tony owns, and most importantly bringing smart, entrepeneurs to the area.

This is also attracting businesses to be a part of this new urban culture, such as Take Two interactive, the maker of the popular Grand Theft Auto video game, who recently announced plans to move its operations here and create about 150 jobs. I have a feeling this wont be the last high tech , cutting edge company deciding to move to this new exciting "Urban Rennaissance" we call downtown Las Vegas. As a Las Vegas native who often complained we had little culture here, Tony Hsieh is changing my opinion.

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