The Wealthy Are Leaving California for Las Vegas

Last month a vote in California would make their residents among the highest tax residents in the country. State Taxes for people making over one million are jumping from 10.3% to 13.3%, in addition to the federal tax rates going up for the wealthy coupled with higher state sales tax , more people will get fed up with California and move to more tax friendly states like Nevada where there is no state income tax and places like Las Vegas , and Henderson which offer luxury living at affordable prices. Case in point, pro golfer Phil Mickelson stated today he may leave California over taxes. Mickelson said drastic changes are ahead for him due to these tax hikes which he figures add up to 62 to 63 percent. Mickelson, who is worth approximate $150 million, was the second highest earning athlete of 2012 according to Sports Illustrated. If you are looking to move to Las Vegas or Henderson because you are fed up with high taxes, call us!

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