Las Vegas Labeled a Top U.S. City For Real Estate Investors

Las Vegas Income Properties Even as rental prices continue to climb across the country, many people are still opting to rent rather than buy, and that’s something that’s definitely being seen here in many parts of the Greater Las Vegas area. Whatever the reason is for house hunters ultimately choosing to rent a Las Vegas home, condo, or apartment, the red hot rental market is certainly presenting a unique opportunity for real estate investors looking to bolster their existing portfolio, or even get into the landlord business for the very first time.

According to Home Union’s recently released “opportunity” list, Las Vegas scores very well in terms of investor opportunities, placing fourth overall ahead of other major cities like Chicago, San Diego, Oakland, and the incredible active Dallas-Fort Worth market.
?It is worth noting that Home Union’s list only analyzes single-family rental potential, which is why some apartment-centric cities like Chicago a bit further down the list than you might ordinarily expect.

Cities that ranked ahead of Las Vegas in terms of investor opportunity only include Atlanta, Orlando, and Seattle.

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