Las Vegas Green Fees

Las Vegas Golf Course HomesGolf in Las Vegas is often synonymous with as gambling, nightlife and the Vegas strip. Vegas was incorporated as a city in 1911 and the first golf course followed in 1927 in the vicinity of what is now the Las Vegas Hilton.  In a city where it seems like everything is being torn down and rebuilt every few years, it is nice to know that many golf courses have been established for decades. With the continued growth of the city, more and more golf courses continue to appear in developments on the outer perimeter of town. As time passes many new golf courses come online but can go unnoticed even if they are within driving distance. At The Robert Little Group we’re always looking for great local resources to share and showcase what our wonderful city has to offer.

Golf for All Budgets

Local Green Fees is a golf course directory that started back in 2012 right here showing all Las Vegas Green Fees. The purpose of the site is not just to list all nearby golf courses but to order them all by today’s price. In that manner, you can scan down the list and judge the menu of choice based on your budget. As usual, Las Vegas has a bevy of choices and with over four dozen golf courses stretching from Summerlin to Henderson, it's one of our country's best cities to discover brand new fairways. Municipal golf course, North Las Vegas Golf Course comes in at the cheapest in our fair city for nine holes, going up all the way to the most expensive green fee in America at Shadow Creek Golf Course (although this is only for guests of the MGM). 

As with any city, it is easy for a local just to find a few golf clubs near their home and get stuck in the proverbial rut of the same old, same old. With Las Vegas’ numerous choices in every price category, from the budget to the ritz, it can be a fun exercise to see how other sites compare with the budget you already spend. Since it’s sorted by price and updates automatically daily, if you find your favorite course, looking just above and below shows several options in the same price range that may surprise you with something new. 

Track Your Golf History

Another great feature is the site's ability to track where you've golfed. To the left of each golf course name are checkboxes that keep track of your golf history and easily identify where a new conquest might be hiding in your price range. The makers of the site even have gamified it and awarded fun badges for avid golfers who play at multiple courses or in multiple cities. As the site has green fees for the entire country, harder-to-get badges are even awarded on the site for checking off out-of-city games or rounds in other states. It can be nice to glance at our city and easily see how many courses you’ve been lucky enough to try.

What Does A Profile Do?

Signing into the site with Facebook, Google, Apple, or just your email address gives you a golf profile page with all your badge achievements and all the courses you’ve played in one place. However, it also opens up the site a bit more for crowd-sourcing. It allows users to submit new courses, update out-of-date prices for moderation, rate, leave comments, and upload pictures of your round. We’ve done the work of reading their Privacy Policy and they do not spam users. They only require an email address so people who like to cause a stir by submitting bogus or offensive data can be banned. 


We hope you take a look at Local Green Fees – Las Vegas and find a useful tool to find a new weekend golf challenge. And, who knows, maybe with such an easy to track list, you can golf them all? See you on the links!

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