Exciting Times in Lake Las Vegas

These are some exciting times in Lake Las Vegas, located in Henderson NV just outside Las Vegas.  After a rough time during the economic downturn in 2008, the area has been rejuvenated and renewed!   A key feature of Lake Las Vegas is the Reflection Bay Golf course, a course of rolling terrain and incredible views of Lake Las Vegas and the mountains.  The course was recently re-opened after a hiatus of about 6 years.

View from Sunset and Vine in MonteLago VillageNew homes are being built all the time - give us a call at 702-896-5500 and we'll tell you all about them and the existing homes for sale in Lake Las Vegas.

This is one of our absolutely favorite areas and we will be happy to share all the good things we know about the area.  One of these "good things" is the MonteLago Village Resort.  Dine at Sunset and Vines in MonteLago Village and you are in for a delicious experience.  I took a picture of the view when I was there for dinner a while ago - does it get any better than this?

Browse the boutiques and galleries at The Village, then check out the Lake Las Vegas Marina rentals, where you can rent 18 foot boats, water toys, and yes - yachts - the La Contessa or Lady of the Lake yachts are also available for rent.

Stay tuned for more information about Lake Las Vegas - more is happening all the time. Homes in the area are selling like hot cakes - come with me - I'll be your guide.

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