Do I Need A Realtor When Buying A New Home?

The answer is definitely Yes!

There are many reasons why you need a Realtor when buying a new home. The main reason is the builders agent represents the builder and the builders interests, and doesn't necessarily have your best interests in mind like a buyers agent representing you will. A buyers agent, will ensure you are treated fairly, keep you posted on the many timelines involved in the sale, look over your contract , title report, and other paperwork, and if you are financing, help you through the loan process and keep the lender accountable.

Having represented many buyers on new homes, I have seen too often a builders sales agent try to rush to close the sale without fully explaining things to a buyer. In addition many builders will offer incentives if you use their preferred lender but the lenders have to charge a higher fee or rate to pay for the incentive, and many times our buyers were able to go with an outside lender who beat the rate and was lower on closing costs and saved money vs going with the builders lender.

There is also a misconception out there, that a buyer can save money on the price of the home by going directly to the builders agent, when in fact they might wind up paying more without their own agent. A good buyers agent is an expert in negotiation and can ensure you are getting the best deal possible. In addition the builders already have the buyers agents commissions factored in the marketing budget and if you go directly to the builders agent without a Realtor, their agent typically just makes more money, you won't get a better deal, and you are not equally represented.

A buyers agent can also research other new home tracts to compare prices and see if there are better options on the resale market. So before you walk into that new home sales office, please find a buyers agent to represent you first!

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