Benefits of Buying a Home With a Casita

Benefits of Buying a Home With a Casita

Finding a property with a casita can be a great investment. Not only do they create more space for you and your guests, but they potentially increase the value of a property, as well. These are just a couple of the benefits of buying a home with a casita.

Extra Space

First, let’s consider the extra space that a casita provides for you and your guests. When you have a casita, it’s less important to create a guest room inside your main home. Having extra space on your property to house guests also gives you more space in your own home.


The versatility of a casita is also a benefit. Some people use a casita just for guests, while others have been known to turn them into extended housing for older children or older parents and grandparents. A casita can also double as a home office, workout space or studio space, depending on your needs. In some cases, families may use a casita as extra entertaining space, in terms of a game room or an extra rec room, of sorts. 

Buying a house with a casita

Privacy For Guests 

Privacy is also a major benefit of buying a home with a casita. Whether you have frequent guests, older children who want their own space, or older parents who still want a sense of independence, a casita functions somewhat as its own living space, but it’s still close enough so that your guests can easily visit the main home on the property whenever they choose. For homeowners who enjoy guests but not sharing every inch of their home 24/7, it also gives a little privacy to them, as well. 

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Added Home Value

Of course, there’s also a financial benefit. Depending on the location and neighborhood of the home, it may help increase the home’s overall value. Some buyers find a casita a particularly enticing addition and may be more willing to spend more money to find a home with one on the property. While buying a home with a casita may cost more now, you’ll likely be able to ask more for the home in the future should you decide to sell.

Income Generator

While many people use casitas for family members or guests, others view casitas as a strong income generator. If the neighborhood allows for it, a casita may be able to be rented out. Of course, you need to doublecheck with the city and/or HOA first to make sure this is a possibility. 

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