55 And Older Communities Rules and Regulations: Age Requirements, Rentals & Visitors

Rules & Requirements of Living in a 55+ Community

Are you considering living in a 55+ community? Understanding the community's policies and regulations such as the 80/20 occupancy rule and guidelines on rentals is crucial. Will your guests be allowed? If so, do they need to show proof of age? Can you rent your unit out when you're not using it? Asking these questions is important when considering living in a 55+ community. Stick with us as we clarify the rules and debunk the myths surrounding these communities.

Do You Have to Be 55 to Live In a 55+ Community?

The 80/20 rule often applies to homes in 55+ communities. The Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 stipulates this rule, which mandates that 80% of occupied units in age-restricted communities must have at least one resident aged 55 or older. By adhering to the 80/20 rule, most age-restricted communities can uphold their status as 55+ communities, thus providing a suitable living environment for older adults while allowing for some exceptions when necessary.

55+ Community Home Rental Rules

Community home rental rules within 55+ communities are subject to specific guidelines set by each community. These rules can vary significantly, with some communities allowing short- and long-term rentals, while others may have restrictions, such as age requirements for renters. It’s crucial for those interested in renting within a 55+ community to inquire directly with the community management or representatives to understand the specific regulations that apply.

As mentioned, some communities may have age restrictions (e.g. renters must be 55 or older) and limit the number of homes available for rent at any given time. Rental agreements within these communities may also require longer terms than traditional agreements. 

On the other hand, it might be possible to lease a fully furnished home short-term, also known as a seasonal rental. This particularly benefits individuals who want to live in a 55+ community for only part of the year. Before committing to a lease agreement, potential renters should carefully review and understand all rental rules and requirements.

Are There Age Rules for Visitors?

Who Can Visit a 55+ Community?

Visitors to 55+ communities may encounter certain restrictions that align with the regulations set forth by the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) and the community itself. Typically, visitors of any age are permitted in 55+ communities as long as they do not exceed a specific duration of stay stipulated by the community's rules. This helps maintain the community's age demographic and prevent permanent residency by individuals who do not meet the age criteria. 

One common rule is that guests may stay for up to 15 days twice yearly, with a cumulative total not exceeding 30 days. Residents should inform the community management about extended visits from individuals below the age threshold to ensure compliance with the community's regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Residents Under 55 Stay for Extended Periods?

In some cases, residents under 55 can stay for extended periods in a 55+ community. These communities typically have rules that allow for temporary stays by younger individuals, such as visiting family members or friends. However, these rules can vary depending on the specific community, so it's essential to check with the management or homeowner's association to clarify their policies regarding extended stays for residents under 55.

Are Grandchildren Allowed to Live in a 55+ Community?

While many 55+ communities typically do not allow grandchildren to reside permanently in the community, some may offer flexibility in this regard. Much depends on the community and its restrictions. For example, children may not be allowed in certain areas of the community, and grandchildren aged 19 and over may be permitted to reside in the community permanently. Alternatively, some communities may enable grandchildren to visit for up to 90 days with limited access to amenities and common areas. 

Are There Restrictions on Overnight Guests Under 55?

Overnight guest restrictions for those under 55 in a 55+ community can vary. Some communities may allow temporary visits by younger guests, while others might impose limitations or require prior approval. Residents should check their community's guidelines to ensure compliance with any rules regarding overnight guests under 55.

Do Residents Need to Provide Proof of Age for Visitors?

In most 55+ communities, residents don't need to provide proof of age for visitors. The age verification requirement usually applies to residents rather than their guests. However, specific rules can vary between different 55+ communities, so it's advisable for residents to familiarize themselves with their community's policies regarding visitor age verification.

Embracing 55+ Community Living

Living in a 55+ community offers many advantages. Many of the communities have great amenities tailored to the needs and interests of older adults, as well as opportunities for socialization and recreational activities. 

However, to maintain an age-appropriate environment, residents must follow specific rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone. By complying with these regulations, residents in the 55+ community can welcome visitors, benefit from low property maintenance, and experience a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle within the community!

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