March 2017

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The impact the new Las Vegas Raiders NFL franchise will have on the local Las Vegas housing market will remain to be seen, but just from a pure economic standpoint, the arrival of any new professional sports team can only have a positive effect. 

With Las Vegas already being a destination city for retirees and vacation home buyers, thanks in large part to its warm desert climate and all the amenities and attractions that now make it a top tourist town in the entire country, it’s certainly possible that die-hard Raider fans might also make an investment in a condo or seasonal residence that will allow them to not only catch a few home games on Sunday afternoons but also enjoy the city for its world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment

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Las Vegas Real EstateWhile new data suggest the housing recovery is still a bit sluggish and increasingly uneven in certain parts of the county, a number of cities that were among the hardest hit during the crash are now some of the nation’s strongest markets—and yes, that includes Las Vegas.  

According to recently released figures from TenX, a top real estate auction and analytics firm, Las Vegas is enjoying a more balanced population growth than just about any city in the U.S. right now, and that’s certainly translating to a much healthier real estate market overall. Prior to the recession, Las Vegas was also seeing a similar upward trend in both population and job growth, and now with the downturn well in the rearview mirror, it’s a market that’s starting to return to

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Las Vegas Housing InventoryThe U.S. housing market has been quite robust throughout the first few months of 2017, but in markets all across the country, dwindling inventory continues to be an issue challenging soon-to-be home buyers. In fact, according to some economists and real estate experts, what’s really holding the market back and keeping sales from increasing even more is simply a lack of available homes listed on the market, especially when it comes to new construction.

Back in November and December, which are traditionally two of the slower months for the housing market, inventories fell to even greater depths, which some attribute to the election results and others to higher consumer confidence and also buyers wanting to buy before mortgage rates continue to climb to

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