June 2016

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Las Vegas CondosWith hardly any new projects in the pipeline when it comes to multi-family development, prices for condos and townhomes in Las Vegas were up nearly 16% heading into the busy spring season. Reports back in March revealed the median price for condos and townhouses in Southern Nevada was up from $105,000 last year to $121,500 so far in 2016, with the steady upward trend likely continuing throughout the rest of the year.  

It’s no secret developers are shying away from building in new condos in Las Vegas, so as we make our way through the summer and inch closer to the fall market, buying now might make a lot of sense for most potential buyers looking for the perfect new condo or townhouse residence.    

Inventory will no doubt remain tight in the short-term and

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Mid-Century Modern Houses in Las Vegas

While many would argue mid-century modern design never goes out of style, it seems to be more popular than ever right now, especially in the world of Las Vegas real estate. Because Las Vegas has such a unique history and really started to develop back in the 1950s and 60s, mid-century modern homes and Sin City seem to truly go hand-in-hand, more so than just about any other part of the country.

But to fully understand what makes mid-century modern homes for sale in Las Vegas so popular, let’s first take a look at what makes a mid century modern home stand out.

Mid-Century Modern Design Defined

The architectural style that’s classified as mid-century modern features a number of distinct features, starting with the following: wide open

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The Las Vegas real estate market is thriving right now and seems to have completely bounced back from the disastrous downturn that seemingly hit our market harder than anywhere else in the country. But as noted by VEGAS INC in a recent investigative piece, one product that seems to be missing from the recovery are residential high-rises. It’s clear developers aren't building high-rise condos in Las Vegas, and the reasons, at least according to some industry experts, are probably more obvious than you may think.

Unlike cities like New York and Chicago, where space is limited and there’s not only a demand for high-rise condos but also a need, Las Vegas is a sprawling community with lots of space and open land. Every individual market, and its location,

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Lake Las Vegas Community NewsThe Lake Las Vegas resort was one of the hardest hit parts of the Las Vegas area during the recession, leading widespread to store closures, a failed casino, and a real estate market that was all but dormant for the better part of four to five years. 

But as new developments are continuing to be built and activity around Lake Las Vegas is once again bustling, both the Village of Lake Las Vegas and the surrounding area is once again thriving. Making its much-anticipated debut just this past Tuesday was Seasons Market—a brand new store that acts as the very first grocery serving the Lake Las Vegas community. 

Prior to Seasons Market, both visitors and residents alike has to travel miles to the nearest grocery store, an inconvenience that some might

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update

Coming out of the traditionally busy spring season, Las Vegas home prices are continuing to rise as inventory remains tight. In a report recently released from The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, the median price of an existing single-family home in our region is now at $229,250, which is about an 8.5% jump from $211,250 at this time last year.

As mentioned in the release, a limited housing supply is unquestionably the primary driving force behind the continued increase in home prices, which according to some industry experts, is even a bit tighter than in most other parts of the country that are also experiencing low inventory.

Median prices for condos and townhouse is also up 5.4% from 112,000 in May of 2015 to $118,000 last month.

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