March 2014

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The Las VegasĀ area grew by nearly 100,000 residents the past two years, and is expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future according to recently released economic data reports. Southern Nevada expanded to more than 2.06 million people in 2013 , growing by more than 2.7 % from 2012 according to a report by local research firm Applied Analysis. The growth can largely be attributed to an improving economy, more companies hiring, favorable tax climates , great weather, lots of attractive amenities such as parks, restaurants, arts and entertainment, and most importantly affordable housing.Ā 

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Hi Tech leaders are saying Las Vegas could become the next Silicon valley. Las Vegas offers low cost of real estate and a trained qualified work force which is key to Hi Tech start ups success since start up costs traditionally have been high. In addition low risk of natural disaster is important.

The Valley already houses such tech companies as NetEffect, a full service information technology company, Cobalt Data Center, and Switch , which houses two data centers in Las Vegas where it provides security, power and cooling, for thousands of racks of servers owned and operated by its clients, which include eBay, Zappos and the U.S, government. Tony Hsieh of Zappos is also encouraging Hi Tech start ups in Las Vegas with his Downtown project which includes

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Raintree Investment corp bought the two shut down golf courses in Lake Las Vegas for $6 million in November 2013. They plan to build homes on the east side of the Falls Golf Course , and turn the front entrance side into a greenbelt with walking, running, and biking paths. Reflection Bay , a Jack Nicklaus Signature course., and previous home to the Wendy's 3 tour challenge, should re-open by the end of this year.

This is welcome news to the homeowners who have had to deal with 2 shut down golf courses not being maintained since 2009. In addition $2 million in improvements have recently been done to the Lake. Raintree has also received approval for 3800 new homes, including some on the Falls Golf course. In addition the City of Henderson City Council

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