November 2012

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Still Possible!!! You can't make that in the bank!!... At least not on normal circumstances. Investors are flooding our market buying up rental properties. Why? Because they are smart!! Even with 5% plus returns, you just can't go wrong. If you have enough cash in the bank to put a down payment.... Why not finance a property at all time low interest rates and put your money to work!!! Mortgage will be paid, extra cash in your pocket every month, and if you want to wait it out, a Paid in full house in 30 years. Nice retirement on that small down payment you had to part with!! You can never go wrong getting yourself in a cash flow positive scenario!!

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 As of today we are 3-1 , after losing to Oregon this past Friday night. We were ranked 18th in the nation, but fell to 24th after the loss. I would rather lose early than later in the year. We have 2 freshman starters on the team, including Anthony Bennett , who was a high school Macdonalds all American , and the 7th ranked high school recruit.

He is arguably the best player on the team, and likely to go pro. In addition there is sophomore Mike Mosher,  who last year led the nation in rebounding through a good part of the season, who will likely go pro after this year. We have some other great recruits , including another Macdonalds all American who will play in the 2013 season. So we are a young team and there will be some growing pains , but have

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Home buyers don't have the selection they have had in the past, that's for sure. First time buyers are putting in numerous offers one after another and getting outbid by cash investors time after time. It's hard not to get frustrated in this market. There is still hope!! New home construction is booming and buyers are getting great values all over the valley with new homes. Builders are building at unbelievable speed and in some cases you can be in a brand new home in 30 - 90 days! First time buyers pick a home and pick a lot and can be on there way to home ownership within minutes!

The Little Group is very experienced and knowledgeable in new home inventory across the valley and would love to help you find that sparkling brand new home!! Call or email

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Home prices up by as much as 30% in some areas, but will this last and is it sustainable? New home prices are up over 10% from last year as well. This is caused by a lack of homes for sale and high demand from investors, first time home buyers and move up buyers. Current interest rates are historically low close to 3%. Home builders are busy as ever and buying up all available land to build homes. Will this recovery last? This depends on the estimated 100,000 potential homeowner defaults on the horizon.

One thing I do know is the banks are working with more and more homeowners to short sale their home, which will prevent a lot of these homes from going into foreclosure, plus the banks are not dumping these foreclosed properties on the market cheap, or

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There are so many world class golf courses in the Las Vegas area with great deals for locals. We have great weather here most of the year with plenty of sunshine making it an attractive golf destination. If you live here you can pay a nominal membership fee to play many public/ semi- private courses managed by the same companies. I hardly ever pay more than $50 to play golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, or Tom Fazio to name a few. In fact this Thanksgiving week our temperature will be in the low 70's and sunny.

On top of that, with the depressed economy many private clubs have drastically lowered initiation dues, so you can live the country club lifestyle at a fraction of the price, especially with home prices so low, you can pick

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